Arrow: “City of Heroes” Season 2 Episode 1 Review

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Oh how far we’ve come. Arrow started its second season with one of its best episodes yet as Starling City deals with the aftermath of the Undertaking.

We start right where we started last year: the island. But it turns out Oliver went back by choice, overcome with guilt over the destruction of the Glades and the death of his best friend Tommy. So Diggle and Felicity, the latter of whom has still perfected awkward banter, track him to the island to bring him back. But they claim not to want him back as the vigilante, but to take care of his family and their company instead.

It turns out a rival company plans to buy them out and scrap the company, led by geek temptress Summer Glau no less. Heres to hoping the Firefly star sticks around to bitchily battle Oliver Queen at the company for as much of the season as she can.

Oliver’s return brings us up to speed on the rest of the characters as well. Thea, oddly enough, has her act together and runs the family bar. Her boyfriend, Roy, has taken a few pages from Oliver’s book and is delving out vigilante justice anyway he can. Laurel has changed jobs and now works for the District Attorney’s office. Her father has been demoted to a beat cop. Meanwhile, Moira is paying for her sins in prison.

But the whole episode wasn’t about place setting. Upon Oliver’s return, copycats of the Hood are wreaking havoc, even succeeding in killing the mayor. As victims of the Undertaking, they have a vendetta against the Queen family, ambushing Oliver as he’s in a meeting. Of course, he still refuses to put the costume back on, claiming he doesn’t want to kill anymore.

Well the copycats really seem to want to test that when they kidnap Thea. Felicity and Diggle take Oliver to the revamped “Arrow Cave”, complete with an awesome-looking new bow.

And like that, Oliver is back at it. But he does succeed in keeping all the copycats alive. He appears to be becoming a different type of hero than he was last season. I have to admit, that’s some pretty strong character growth all packed into this one episode.

The end of the episode brought a few different things. Thea appears to have forgiven her mother and visits her in prison (what an oddly poignant scene! If you told me after the pilot that I would care this much about these two…). Sadly, Oliver and Laurel appear to be done for the moment, with Tommy’s death being too inbetween them. And finally (seriously, FINALLY), Roy comes across a new hero on the streets, Black Canary. Ah, how exciting! What’s her identity?! I can’t wait to find out!

If you remember the last third of Arrow‘s first season, it was a completely different (by which I mean way better) show than when it started. City of Heroes was very much on that same track. Bring on the rest of season two! Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty


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