Arrow: “Crucible” Season 2 Episode 4 Review

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Arrow shows its comic book roots and delivers a twist I don’t think anyone saw coming.

In the comics, Black Canary has an identity that would surprise many fans of this series. Given the rich history between Oliver and Laurel’s family, the twist that Laurel’s supposedly dead sister Sarah is the woman in the Canary costume was an early surprise in Crucible, one that carried the rest of the episode.

Sarah’s resurrection means so many different things for Oliver, Laurel, and Quentin. It’s especially interesting after Ra’s al Ghul’s name was dropped at the end of last week’s episode. But as the island flashbacks showed, Sarah didn’t exactly have a much easier time than Oliver in that five-year period.

Unfortunately, Crucible didn’t have much else going for it. The Mayor was a boring villain that didn’t strike nearly as much fear as last week’s stellar villain the Dollmaker. But it did give Arrow and Black Canary a chance to team up and take down a foe, which for now will always be a good thing.

What the Mayor’s inclusion did provide, however, was an interesting reveal about Blood, the man seemingly trying to bring the Glades out of it’s terrible state. At first when the creepy mask showed up at the end of the episode, I thought it was the Demon’s Head, a.k.a. Ra’s al Ghul. Instead, Blood has his own brand of vigilante justice, going by his comic book alias Brother Blood to his goons.

At this point, the best thing about Arrow is the classic villains and heroes it brings to us every week, not the melodrama of the various families (although they have been known to work from time to time).

Case in point, Laurel Lance this season. From hating Arrow to this episode’s quick switch to alcoholism, Laurel just isn’t working. But maybe the resurrection of her sister is just the thing to jumpstart her character this season.

Other than that, Roy and Thea had a tiny subplot with Black Canary’s sidekick Sin getting hurt in an attack by the Mayor. Apparently they are all going to be friends.

Crucible was an episode that had two great twists and not much else. The true natures of Blood and Black Canary carried an hour with a boring villain and way too much Laurel. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. what pretty cool about season 2 of the Arrow, is that every episode tops its predecessor. The show is getting better and better in every episode.

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