Arrow: Damaged Review

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Arrow continued with a busy episode that juggled tons of stories surprisingly well.

The episode started with one of the longest flashbacks to the island yet as Oliver hunted, learning to use the bow along the way. But then he got captured, much like he was in the present at the end of last week’s episode.

While I didn’t care for Oliver lying to Laurel’s face to get out of trouble, their chemistry in the court room was great. Laurel is quickly becoming a standout character on this show, with her and Oliver working towards a great superhero romance.

Then we got the scene where Oliver shows her his scars. I can’t help but feel this is how Laurel will discover who Arrow is eventually, but then they kissed!

This resulted in Oliver getting an ankle bracelet, making becoming Arrow difficult. Apparently this was his plan all along. It makes sense but it was a bit too hokey of a reveal. I do kind of love how Oliver is using his bodyguard to work on his mission. Then the bodyguard decided to put on the costume to help Oliver and to stop an arms deal across town. I love the theme that Arrow could be anyone. Seeing him in costume was pretty great too.

Even more exciting was the fight at the Queen’s home. Who is trying to kill Oliver? Also, how awesome was it to see Detective Lance in action? Naturally this led to Oliver’s charges being dropped in another intense scene.

The flashbacks got more intense as the episode went on as Oliver was questioned and ultimately left to Deathstroke, a villain who has been teased since the start of the show. That mask was creepy enough, but the torture edited in with the polygraph text was fantastic.

But then we got to see Deathstroke in action as he fought Oliver’s mentor who came to rescue him. It was one of the more fun action scenes yet on the show. It also showed that Deathstroke will be a formidable opponent when he inevitably battles Arrow.

The montage that ended the episode questioned how much good Arrow does for Oliver’s loved ones. A good theme for any superhero. But of course he will continue. And I will certainly be watching. Grade: B+

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