Arrow: Dodger Season 1 Episode 15 Review

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This week’s visit to Starling City greatly improved the hero’s team.

This episodes marks the first chance Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity really get to interact as the new “Team Arrow”. They work very well together, and the three actors are fun to watch bicker at each other. Felicity brings some much needed humor to the world of Arrow and I hope to see this partnership continue to flourish.

She even helps expand Oliver and Diggle’s love lives as they both ask potential love interests on dates. But neither goes well as Oliver and Diggle both have some unresolved issues from their past and can’t connect with people. I suppose that’s what attracts them to each other.

Meanwhile, a new villain is in town in the form of Dodger, a master thief that always gets the upper hand if and when his clients betray him. I’m starting to be bothered by these villain-of-the-week stories as they all work the same way. See if this sounds familiar:

New villain comes to Starling City, Oliver investigates, finds villain halfway through, confronts him as Arrow, loses, more investigating, defeats villain. Rinse and repeat.

Although this week’s did feature more Felicity, if you can’t tell that’s always a good thing in my book, and a solid out-of-costume car chase. So it was a little different, but not enough.

This episode marked the first appearance of Roy Harper, destined to become Green Arrow’s sidekick in the comics known as Red Arrow. He first comes into contact with Thea and Laurel, taking the latter’s purse. Sporting a bright red hoodie and some acrobatic ability, Red Arrow may bee sooner in the show’s future rather than later. Especially since he’s linked to Vertigo. Thea’s last minute visit to his apartment leads me to believe Harper could enter Oliver’s life as soon as next week.

As established last week, the island has some interesting stories to tell, and the glimpses we got just before every commercial break were just enough. Oliver had to leave a begging man behind to learn about trust. That’s more coherent than these things usually are.

As the episode ended three romances seem to become new as Oliver and Diggle resolve their date issues, and Thea establishes a connection with Harper. Overall, a solid entry, mostly due to Felicity’s larger role. Plus the end cliffhanger with Oliver’s mother hiring China White to kill Malcolm Meryl. Cool. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty


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