Arrow: “Fighting Fire With Fire” Season 5 Episode 15 Review

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“Fighting Fire With Fire” pulls a fast one on its target audience. Audiences unfamiliar with several of season five’s new characters and their comic book histories would likely just shrug at this episode’s big reveal, where the fans will be totally stunned, and maybe a bit disappointed if they were passionate about either character.

This episode was touted as the one that would see Team Arrow finally dealing with Vigilante, a supervillain who’s been around way more frequently than Prometheus has. With Adrian Chase, Vigilante’s alter ego in the comics, also introduced this season, there wasn’t much of a question in fans’ minds that Chase would be revealed to be the Vigilante. The show has, for the most part, been loyal with comic book names living up to who they’re supposed to become. Hell, just a few weeks ago, the show revealed the new Black Canary’s name to be Dinah Drake, the alter ego of the original Black Canary from the comics. All of this is to say that, with Adrian Chase revealed to be Prometheus, not Vigilante, Arrow wants to keep its comic book fans in the dark. In a way, it’s kind of liberating, ensuring that no one’s identities are safe.

What this twist best leads to, however, are the scenes of Chase interacting with Oliver in every day life. These are the best moments of “Fighting Fire With Fire,” as Arrow has finally succeeded in selling Prometheus as more than a run-of-the-mill killer and into a foe with a creepy obsession with Oliver. It’s the first hint that this show still has some life to it in quite a while.

Most of the episode still deals with Vigilante fighting Team Arrow while Oliver is on trial and in danger of getting impeached. There’s a cohesion present in all these storylines that Arrow hasn’t really had in quite some time. None of them has really elevated themselves into greatness yet, but at least they’re all working together. Vigilante still get away, despite this being a whole episode about catching him from a lot of characters’ perspectives. But at least we’re getting somewhere. At this point, I seriously doubt that Arrow can redeem this seriously lacking season of television, but I do have hope that it can improve to at least being watchable again. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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