Arrow: “Green Arrow” Season 4 Premiere Review

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“Green Arrow” contains an event that the folks watching Arrow have been waiting for for years. Oliver puts on a slightly brighter costume and starts calling himself the Green Arrow. Unfortunately, this momentous turn for the series takes place in an episode that has a really tough time justifying its own existence.

For better or worse, season three ended with Oliver putting the hood away and claiming that for the first time in his life, he’s happy. Flash forward five months, and it takes way too little to get Oliver back in the game. If he was never meant to really leave the superheroics behind, it seems like the writers may have written themselves into a corner last season. It forces the premiere to be clunky and, frankly, annoying.

With only one real scene of Laurel, Thea, and Diggle trying to take on the “ghosts,” it felt a little cheap to have them ask for Oliver’s help so quickly. I personally wouldn’t mind a season where the three of them have to take on a threat the size of a Deathstroke or Ra’s al Ghul. But then the CW would lose their poster boy. In the long run, it’ll probably be better that Oliver returned to fight alongside his friends. But if anyone were to go back and watch season three, it’s a whole lot of drama for no reason now. The city buying that Green Arrow is different from Arrow is also a pretty big stretch.

As for the other things this premiere introduced, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is pretty fun to watch. His powers are visually interesting and intimidating. McDonough hams it up too, giving way to the lighter tone Arrow has adopted more and more each year. It’s great to have such a big villain front and center so soon in the season.

He was the one shining light in an otherwise lackluster premiere. I had hoped after this week’s excellent Flash premiere that Arrow might’ve received the same treatment. But the show is far from in the gutter right now. That final scene with Oliver staring at an unseen grave six months from now was pretty damn enticing too. Things can still pick up as the status quo readjusts to what it was all along. Grade: B-


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • Welcome to an age where a show like Arrow can delve into mysticism and it feels pretty natural.
  • Speaking of, the flashbacks are back on the island, and since Oliver was able to spit out the word “mysticism” out of nowhere, I’m guessing they will deal with how he learns about it. That’s all fine and good, but I’m pretty ready for the show to say “hey, he was just stuck on the island for two years after blah, blah, in Hong Kong.”
  • Detective Lance is working with Darhk because he’s still mad at Team Arrow for…I’ve honestly lost track…Sara’s death still? Maybe?
  • Laurel lost the blonde wig that goes with the Canary costume, rendering her identity incredibly easy to figure out for any cop that has say, seen her have lunch with her father.
  • In the same vein, Oliver’s face was pretty clear on the TV screen when he announced his new superhero name to everyone. Anyone who remembers that Oliver Queen, who is already of celebrity status in the city, was accused of being the Arrow last year would have a lot of reasons to think that’s true now.
  • Can Diggle see out of Magneto’s helmet?
  • So, who’s grave is that? My money is currently on Detective Lance, as the show seems at a loss with what to do with him.

By Matt Dougherty

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