Arrow: “Haunted” Season 4 Episode 5 Review

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Arrow season four is becoming something of a mess, mostly because it looks like it’s just going to be a nine episode commercial for Legends of Tomorrow. The very knowledge that if Sara wasn’t going to be a main character in the CW’s third DC show she wouldn’t be back is damage to “Haunted.”

It doesn’t help that Caity Lotz doesn’t even get to do anything with Sara’s actual return is a crime against the character. All of Sara’s murder attempts on people in the city, including Thea, were handled in the most boring way I can imagine, almost to the point of hilarity. I know the CW doesn’t have the biggest budget, but Sara kind of just ran up to people and shook them around with a crazy look in her eye. As far as drama on the actual team, we got Oliver and Laurel yelling at each other once again about things they didn’t tell each other. Meanwhile, Thea, in the most melodramatic moment on the series yet, thinks that if Sara kills her both of them will magically be freed. This might be the stupidest episode of Arrow ever.

If this episode has a saving grace, it’s Matt Ryan as John Constantine returning from the dead land of cancelled NBC series’. Ryan is magnetic in the role, not to mention the only person who says weird things in another language this episode and actually sells it. His appearance in the flashbacks sent set off a much needed spark in that storyline. While it was a little ridiculous how soon he showed up in Star City after Oliver called him in the present, the sequence with him, Green Arrow, and Black Canary in the demon world was just about the only scene that had any form of tension this whole episode. Still, Constantine was a fun character to have play off of Green Arrow. I’d love to see the results of this partnership in a stronger episode.

But alas, “Haunted” was the worst episode of Arrow in recent memory. I’m struggling to think of a worse episode, but there’s that whole first chunk of season one that I’m sure has one. I see no need to rewatch and find out. Grade: D+

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • The threat of Damien Darhk hasn’t taken off quite like that of Zoom has on The FlashArrow needs to remedy this, and soon.
  • Which doesn’t look like that’s going to happen next week. Why? Well, Ray is alive and is teased to return in next week’s episode. That’s right, the Atom, yet another lead character from Legends of Tomorrow, will be taking precious time away from whatever Arrow season four wants to be after its next spinoff starts.
  • Sara, who was dead, is back to life, yet Laurel and her father make up lame excuses for why they aren’t hanging out with her after she came back from the dead. “There will be plenty of time for that later,” Detective Lance says. YOU’RE DAUGHTER WAS DEAD AND NOW SHE ISN’T. YOU WILL HAVE TIME FOR LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE LATER TOO.
  • The comparisons have been made by countless other reviewers of this show, but man this is the Iron Man 2 of the CW DC Universe.

By Matt Dougherty

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