Arrow: “Heir to the Demon” Season 2 Episode 13 Review

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The daughter of Ra’s al Ghul is on the hunt for the Canary. But those aren’t her only intentions…

Arrow may have given us our first true live-action LGBT superhero this week with the return of Black Canary revealing her former relationship with Nyssa al Ghul, a villain who proves her abilities seconds into the episode when she cuts down airport guards upon arriving in Starling City.

Meanwhile, Sara is handling some family drama. Laurel is in the hospital, and her father thinks she needs Sara. Even their mother Dinah returned for this landmark episode.

Sara is then jumped by Nyssa, with Arrow just around the corner. He pulls an arrow to help his friend out, but then watches them reunite with a kiss. It was tastefully done. This wasn’t two women kissing to get male viewers all hot and bothered.

During a commercial I did some research. The only other live-action LGBT superhero was a throwaway character in the disappointing Kick-Ass 2 who had maybe three lines. Kudos to Arrow for trusting its audience enough to do this. I doubt Marvel will be taking such a “risk” in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

“Are you upset?” Sara asks her father.

“You’ve been through so much I’m just glad you had someone to care for you,” he replies.


There was no shortage of great actions with Arrow and Canary taking on Nyssa and her henchmen. Although, you had to love the moment where Quentin punched out a league member Arrow and Canary were struggling with.

The final confrontation was pretty heavy. Sara attempted to kill herself to save her family and keep Nyssa out of Starling City forever. But Arrow managed to take on Nyssa and save Sara’s life just in time. How tragic it would have been to lose the Canary so soon.

Now the secret is out to the whole Lance family. Of course Laurel can do nothing besides be miserable.

The final moments were pretty satisfying for any comic fans out their who know anything about the key relationships of the DC Universe. Sara tells Oliver she’s home and they kiss. So long as Canary is sticking around, I’m totally down to watch this relationship unfold.

The biggest subplot of the episode was a bit soapy, but then again who would really want to find out that Malcolm Merlyn is your father? Thea doesn’t, but Felicity figures it out and tells Oliver right as he’s supposed to introduce his mother for her first mayoral campaign speech. He later tells her they no longer have a relationship as mother and son. Something tells me that won’t stick, but we’ll see.

Heir to the Demon was a significant hour for live-action superhero adaptations. But it was also just a damn good episode of Arrow. The show’s comic book routes bled through to give us major character developments and hair-raising action. This was one of the best. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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