Arrow: Honor Thy Father Review

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A great improvement over the clunky pilot turns this series into the fun superhero saga it should.

Arrow did a lot of things tonight to make me like it a lot more than I did last week. Sure, Stephen Amell still needs some work, but even he improved quite a bit in just the second episode.

Honor Thy Father did three things pretty well tonight. We got to see Arrow in action against the show’s first supervillain. The Queen family dynamics got branched out nicely. Plus, Laurel and her father got some nice development.

Let’s start with the fun stuff. The episode began with Arrow kicking some serious henchmen butt. The action on this show is nothing short of excellent,  plus Amell is definitely the best when he’s in costume. Continuing down his father’s list of corrupt businessmen, Oliver finds himself against the show’s version of China White. Guest star Kelly Hu, who has no trouble slipping right back into superhero fight scenes (she went toe to toe against Hugh Jackman in X2: X-men United back in 2003), filled the role nicely and had two fun fight scenes.

Arrow, on the other hand, proved he is trying to help by giving the police a tip while under the gun. Superhero cliche? Yes, but this show proved this week it doesn’t mind including those, and it adds to the fun.

Out of costume, Oliver Queen must decide what to do with the opportunities being offered to him. His mother wants him to take control of the company. But he obviously wants to spend his time jumping rooftops. The scene where he publicly denounces the offer was Amell’s best yet on the show. He may not be great but the potential is there.

The scenes with his sister, on the other hand, feel a bit too melodramatic for my taste.

Laurel, the other young female in Oliver’s life, fares much better. Like Amell, Katie Cassidy isn’t quite ready for a lead role in a TV series. Luckily, Paul Blackthorne as her strict detective father is. He makes their scenes stand out and is a great character for the series.

His conflicts with Arrow will hopefully be as much fun to see as they were tonight.

Honor Thy Father was a nice improvement over the pilot. The acting still needs work and the subplot with Oliver’s sister is a bit too much. But Arrow could be well on its way to being a must see show for comic book fans. Next week, Deadshot! Grade: B+

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