Arrow: “Keep Your Enemies Closer” Season 2 Episode 6 Review

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Team Arrow takes a trip to Moscow for another satisfying entry of Arrow Season two.

Diggle’s ex-wife has been captured in her pursuit of Deadshot, Diggle’s arch-nemesis from season one. So Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, and the unexpected addition of Isabel Rochev travel for what are supposedly Queen Consolidated endeavors.

For Team Arrow that means breaking into a Russian prison.

Diggle appropriately took the spotlight this week as he found himself stuck in this prison. But before he found his wife, he found Deadshot. It was sort of cliche that they had to work together to save his wife and escape, but at least the show is forming a rogues gallery for our heroes.

Meanwhile, Oliver very quickly finds himself in bed with Isabel, probably the first true playboy moment the show has really given him thus far. The catch was that Felicity got jealous. Lots of Arrow fans are rooting for an Oliver/Felicity romance, but comic fans know that just isn’t in the cards.

Especially when Felicity says “you deserve better” and we immediately cut to an island flashback featuring Sara.

Speaking of island flashbacks, they are really hitting their own stride this season. We got to see that Slade and Shado were okay after Oliver’s capture (with Slade’s left eye intact). But it seems Professor Ivo has plans for them. I’m actually excited to see where this goes.

Finally, this episode had one really boring subplot. Thea can’t see Roy anymore because it’ll hurt her mother’s case. So she goes about explaining it the completely wrong way, only for her mother to fix it by the end of the episode. It all felt pointless and more like season one Thea. But the Moira subplot has been surprisingly strong so far, so this misstep can be forgiven.

Keep Your Enemies Closer was hardly the series high of last week’s stellar episode, but it still had a lot going for it. The trip to Moscow and Diggle taking the lead made for a nice formula shake-up. The island flashbacks are better than ever. It’s not a bad time to be a CW show about a DC superhero. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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