Arrow: “League of Assassins” Season 2 Episode 5 Review

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So this is one of my favorite episodes.

As a comic book fan/nerd, to see Black Canary, the League of Assassins, and Professor Ivo all in the same episode of what is becoming an excellent Green Arrow TV series was just an absolute thrill.

This week we really got to the meat of how Sara Lance survived the boat incident in a series of flashbacks and an attack from the League of Assassins in the present.

I’m not the biggest fan of the island material, but Sara’s story was a welcome break from Oliver’s, as we traversed the sea of troubles she faced after the boat incident. Nicely, the Amazo, is helmed by Professor Ivo (comic book fans likely giggled in delight at these two references). So when Oliver ends up captured on it, Sara has already been slightly hardened.

Her inclusion in the island backstory was also great because it shows that the writers are willing to give Black Canary her due (because as comic fans will know, many of the best Green Arrow stories are also Black Canary stories).

But the present still had all the best action of the episode. The League is hellbent on killing Sara, even invading Oliver’s home to do so. So the pair of vigilantes go on a hunt themselves. The action scenes this week were just stellar.

As we learned more about the League, and Malcolm Merlyn’s association with them (flashback please! If only for more John Barrowman), we learned more of what makes the Canary tick as a superhero.

So when the League goes after her family, she finally decides to reveal herself to her father. Seriously, Quentin Lance is having one hell of a season so far. Not only does he know his daughter is alive, but he has to keep it a secret, as Sara is leaving Starling City. God I hope it is only temporary. Sara is way more fun to watch than Laurel, who only managed to suck the energy out of a few scenes this week. But something tells me this is hardly the end.

One meaningful subplot we got this week had Moira accepting her fate in prison. Her kids can’t seem to handle it. As Thea puts it, Moira seems to be giving up. The final scene between the three of them was really one of the best Queen family drama scenes we’ve gotten. Moira learns she can trust her children to still love her, no matter what comes out.

All in all, League of Assassins was an episode that had a lot of moving parts that clicked surprisingly well. Who knew island flashbacks and a subplot with Moira could compete with the League of Assassins? This was the best of the season thus far. Arrow has been on a long road to become what it wants to be. I think it may just be there. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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