Arrow: Legacies Review

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What could have been a really interesting episode got lost in its boring antagonists.

The first half of the episode was pretty great though. Legacies started out with a great bank robbery. It was an exciting scene, clearly inspired by the opening of The Dark Knight. Obviously it was not as good, but still a great way to start an episode.

But back to our main characters, one dynamic I am starting to love on this show is that of Oliver and Diggle. Since his bodyguard put on the costume last week, their relationship had to change. Every scene they shared was fun to watch. It’s hard to not keep comparing this to Batman, but Diggle feels a lot like Alfred, you know if he put on the costume occasionally and helped Bruce Wayne train. The best example perhaps is when he pulls Oliver away from the table to tell him of another robbery.

The action scene where Arrow attacked the bank robbers was fantastic as it showed he doesn’t need to kill to be effective. But then we started to learn more about the criminals, and they are fairly straightforward, and therefore boring. Let’s face it, Arrow is best when big DC characters are fighting Arrow or when there is a great deal of tension (like the prison break two weeks ago), and these guys just don’t provide that as antagonists. Sure, they resembled the Royal Flush Gang, but how great of villains are they to begin with?

Plus their second confrontation with Arrow wasn’t all that exciting. The shield vs. bow fight didn’t have the same tension as a lot of the other fights this show has done.

Also the final scene where Oliver is reminded of how proud his father would be of him was pretty cliche. The flashbacks didn’t really provide much substance this week either.

A subplot this week featured Laurel and Tom finding new interest in each other. This could be a good development that helps prolong Oliver and Laurel getting together. Thea’s feelings for Tom aren’t nearly as interesting though. The whole group feels a bit too…incestuous.

Legacies was probably the weakest Arrow yet as it mostly felt like filler, adding little to Arrow’s quest or the character development, aside from Diggle of course. Grade: C+

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