Arrow: Lone Gunman Review

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Arrow continued with a slow, but effective, episode that further developed the character dynamics.

I liked this episode, but I expected to like it more. It was an exposition heavy hour that developed a lot of character dynamics we haven’t seen yet. A necessary thing to do but perhaps not all in one episode.

The vibe of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films continued tonight as we saw scenes such as Oliver stitching himself up, much like Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight, and full on detective work involving blood samples and computer analysis’. They are even borrowing Batman’s villains! Deadshot was the main enemy Arrow was hunting tonight. Too bad he was largely absent from the episode.

But the Queen family dynamics continue to impress, particularly with Oliver’s mother. Her deceptions aside, she wants to be a good mother. Thea, Oliver’s sister, saw an improved characterization this week.

Speaking of improvements, Stephen Amell is seriously becoming a capable star for this show after just three episodes. His performance in the pilot was one of my main criticisms, but now he is settling into the role and it really makes a difference. The moment where he winked at his body guard as the bouncers refused to let him in actually made me laugh out loud.

The love triangle between Oliver, Tommy and Laurel is not my favorite thus far. Mostly because the latter two have zero chemistry.

On the other hand, Laurel’s father and Arrow have great chemistry. I loved the scene where Arrow went to him for an ally, in his own rough-housing manner.

The final battle between Arrow and Deadshot was fun, but I was sad to see the villain killed off so quickly. But the action continues to be outstanding for television.

I really like how the flashbacks to the island are used to show where Arrow learned random skills like making an antidote. It was also very smart to let Oliver’s bodyguard in on his secret this early.

Lone Gunman was a solid episode but not nearly as fun as last week’s. But the show has a lot of time to improve, and I really think it will. Grade: B

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