Arrow: “Lost Souls” Season 4 Episode 6 Review

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Of all the groundwork being laid for Legends of Tomorrow, “Lost Souls” probably felt the most organic. That’s probably due in part to how integral Brandon Routh’s endless charm as Ray Palmer was to keeping Arrow whimsical last season.

It was obvious in last year’s season finale that Ray had to come back from that explosion. Well, it turns out all he actually did was make himself very small. In trying to communicate with Felicity for help, he accidentally caught the attention of Damien Darhk, who now has him trapped in a small cube.

Now, after six months, he’s finally made contact with Felicity, which ends up being an unwelcome complication for everyone’s favorite tech geek. Felicity’s realization that she may have been able to help Ray sooner had she not been with Oliver was pretty smart. TV shows, especially of the superhero nature, rarely explore the part of a relationship where you get too comfortable and wonder if you’re missing out. So Oliver does the worst thing a boyfriend can do at this point, he calls Felicity’s mother and invites her to town so Felicity can “clear her head” and “relax.”

While Oliver’s ineptitude to recognize the basic boundaries of a relationship bordered on cliche, there was a lot of great comedy mined from this. Would Oliver and Felicity’s bickering had been as funny had he not been in a superhero costume with a team of other superheroes? Maybe not, but context is everything, and I’m all for Arrow using its own premise to get an extra laugh.

Though Felicity does admittedly have a point. Everyone seems a little bit too relaxed that Ray is not only alive, but being held captive by Darhk. It does take away some tension, but there’s no denying that the heist to break Ray out was a ton of fun. It also gave Darhk a brief chance to face off with the Green Arrow. I like how the show is building their rivalry. Neal McDonough continues to be a fun, scenery-chewing foe.

Upon Ray’s rescue, we’re reminded how much fun he was to have around the team last season. Now that he’s back in play as the Atom, it’ll be interesting to see what contributions he can make to stopping Darhk before heading to Legends of Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it seems Sara has made all the contributions she can to Arrow this season. Back in the field, all she seems capable of doing as the Canary is murder people. This whole Lazarus Pit storyline has gotten so unbelievably old. Toward the end of the episode, Sara tells Thea she can’t control it the same way she does. But Arrow never really gave us a good reason to think Thea could as well. The writers were just done with that storyline. Hopefully, they’re also now done with Sara and she can go do whatever she’s going to do on Legends of Tomorrow.

Overall though, “Lost Souls” was one of the better entries of Arrow season four thus far. Giving us a fun showdown and some actual drama to deal with for Oliver and Felicity as a couple, there was a lot to get out of this episode. Grade: B+

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • I like Thea potentially dating Oliver’s campaign manager. He seems very together, more so than anyone else she’s dated on the series.
  • Speaking of dating, Quentin and Felicity’s mother is weird, but I’m very ready to get behind it if it gets Lance to lighten up.
  • Sara says she’s going to Central City to visit her mother. If she shows up on The Flash next week and is just as mopey, I’m going to be pissed. Honestly, Sara’s old snarky self would be a fun dynamic to add to Team Flash. We’ll see if it pans out.

By Matt Dougherty

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