Arrow: “Midnight City” Season 3 Episode 11 Review

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With Oliver gone, Arrow has a ton of energy right now. Not that it doesn’t when Oliver is in fact around, but there’s an aura over these episodes that is just so exciting. It could entirely be that Laurel Lance is officially the Black Canary.

Rising out of the ashes of her sister, Laurel’s arc since the series began got a major jumpstart last week when she finally put on the mask and blonde wig. We rejoin her in “Midnight City” and things are going just alright for Starling City’s latest vigilante. Laurel doesn’t have the training or experience of Oliver, or even Roy, but she’s trying.

After Arsenal saves her early on in the episode, the team in unsure what to make of the new Canary. But they don’t have a lot of time to think when Brick’s actions get a little ballsier. After taking three hostages right out of the police headquarters, Team Arrow partially reunites to save them. Diggle takes up Felicity’s role while Roy and Laurel take the field. This fight led to a brief confrontation between Laurel and Brick, setting up a rivalry that would partially pay off later.

Brick continues to be a great villain. His taking over the Glades perfectly represents Starling City retreating back to what it was before Arrow showed up, while Arsenal and Canary continue to fight that mission. This whole story feels epic. Not quite Deathstroke-takes-the-city epic, but close enough for the middle of the season.

Laurel’s determination is even enough to bring Felicity back to the team, with Ray’s helicopter with her. With the Glades all but gone, the team makes one last-ditch effort to stop Brick. Dropped in by helicopter, Arsenal and Canary do their best to save the hostages while taking out Brick’s men.

But when Laurel fails to escape, it’s her and Brick left in the building. I loved how Laurel displayed confidence by taunting her enemy before escaping. She’s growing into the vigilante role nicely.

Overall, despite Oliver’s absence, Team Arrow is still great fun to watch. Since these heroes are weaker, the stakes feel higher, making for tense action scenes and cheer-worthy victories. That’s the kind of superhero television I want to watch. Grade: A-

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– I know I hate on the flashbacks pretty hard, but they had me at “club shootout” this week. Man I love me a good club shootout.

– Maseo taking out his fellow League members was pretty awesome. He’s totally going to die by the end of the season though, leaving Tatsu to come around every once and a while to kick ass next season.

– Let’s talk about Laurel’s costume for a second. It’s perfect. Sara’s was over-sexualized. Laurel’s is almost gothic. I’m all for strong female characters kicking butt without wondering how their breasts stay in their costume during all those flips. The black lipstick is a great touch.

– When the hell is Quentin going to find out about Sara?! It’s been half the season!


By Matt Dougherty

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