Arrow: Muse of Fire Review

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This was an episode of Arrow that started promisingly but never delivered on that promise.

After an exciting opening, Muse of Fire slowed down into a romantic episode following two dates, Oliver and Helena, and Laurel and Tommy. The former had some great moments as Helena proved to be a fun foil for Oliver. The latter moved a little slower and felt pointless. Laurel and Tommy don’t have a future together. It’s true that neither do Oliver and Helena, but their chemistry was a lot more fun.

Moira had some difficulties this week after suffering the traumatic opening scene where the person standing next to her was shot. The interests of the company work fairly well when the superheroes aren’t on screen.

But the superheroes were a big part of this episode as Arrow found a new vigilante to play with in the form of the Huntress, Helena’s alter ego. Their initial meeting was quick but meaningful.

The majority of the episode was boring and uneventful though. Huntress barely got more than a few moments int he first two thirds, and the same goes for Arrow. This episode was clearly trying to give us a deeper look at the criminals of Starling City. But to do that you need to give the criminals more than a few moments of meaningless screen time.

It’s a shame too that Huntress was such a melodramatic character. She echoed Jennifer Garner’s Elektra rather than Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, sucking all the fun out of the room.

The end was kind of cool as her and Arrow kicked the crap out of some goons out of costume, but still, this show needs to bring more fun and less seriousness. This was further confirmed by their last scene together.

Oliver asks “Why are you crying?” and she responds “I don’t know”. Yawn. Grade: C

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