Arrow: “My Name Is Oliver Queen” Season 3 Finale Review

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While not as grand in scale as the first two finales, “My Name Is Oliver Queen” was certainly still part of the creative high this season has been overall. 23 episodes culminated in a satisfying finale full of twists and cheer-worthy moments.

This season of Arrow had been weaving in questions about Oliver’s destiny pretty much since it began. Superheroes coming to the end of their journey can be a very rewarding journey. After what Ra’s al Ghul did to the Arrow, there was no way things could just go back to normal. This also means Oliver drops his heroic code.

Both of his fights with Ra’s were excellent and certainly finale-worthy, but it was interesting that Oliver killed him in the end after two years of moving away from his murderous ways. It begs the question, was this the most heroic thing to do?

It doesn’t matter yet. For now, Oliver is removing himself from the difficult life of being the Arrow. He drives off with Felicity and says two words you’d never think you’d hear from him, “I’m happy.” Superheroes deserve a happy ending because, generally, they are in fact heroic. What worries me is that it won’t be too long into season four when Black Canary and Red Arrow are overwhelmed and Oliver has to go back and resume his post. A lot of this episode rides on what the future holds. Though I will say this is a daring move for the show to take. There’s just a lingering feeling of “come on, how long until he’s back in costume?” With skill and precision, this development could be the best thing Arrow ever does. But it could also be the worst.

Luckily, season three also proved that this show’s supporting cast is just as strong as its lead. Thea becoming Red Arrow certainly leaves room for excitement. She, Black Canary, and whoever Diggle is supposed to become are enough to keep the show afloat if Oliver does indeed take a lot of time for himself.

Then there’s the uneasy transition of Malcolm becoming the new Ra’s al Ghul. How many seasons do you think it’ll be before he’s the resident bad guy in chief once more? They certainly set him up to do some devious things in that final scene. Maybe this can bump Katrina Law up to a series regular.

So while it was certainly an eventful and rewarding finale, there are still a ton of questions unanswered. Maybe a few too many. At the moment, I’m more concerned about the show staying strong than the characters’ potential futures. This is the type of creative decision that has made good shows go bad before. We’ll have to wait and see.

But as an episode, “My Name Is Oliver Queen” had a ton going for it. Seasonal arcs ended in satisfying manners and the show dove deeper than ever in what it really means to be a superhero. There’s not much else you can ask for. Grade: A-


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– “The city’s under attack? Must be May.”

– The Flash’s few scenes in the beginning were really strong, continuing the fun partnership between the CW’s two chief superheroes.

– Don’t worry guys, Ray isn’t dead, he’s got his own spinoff to star in called Legend of Tomorrow coming in 2016.

– That’s a wrap on season three of Arrow! Thanks for reading and check back in the fall for reviews of the fourth season.


By Matt Dougherty

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