Arrow: Pilot Review: A Too Serious But Compelling Superhero Series

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Arrow premieres with a pilot that shows how a post Dark Knight superhero series might be done. But it doesn’t come without a few reservations.

The pilot starts off well as Oliver Queen returns to his city after five years stuck on an island. The intrigue of what happened on the island is a integrated well with flashbacks that slowly show what happened. This is a mystery I could keep coming back for if it continues to be interesting. Based on the final flashback of the episode, it will.

Arrow feels like a Nolan-era superhero show. Gangs plague the city in the absence of Oliver’s father.The environments are very Gothamesque. But unlike Batman, Arrow is not afraid to take a life, something we learn early in an exciting action scene barely twenty minutes in.

Still though, the scene where Oliver prepares his lair and trains himself echos Batman Begins in a friendly manner. It continues with Oliver putting on a playboy persona at his “welcome back” party.

A lot of characters come at you quickly. You have Oliver and his family, his best friend Tommy Meryl, and the Lances, which spout a potential love interest and a lawful adversary. The writers build this world quickly, perhaps too much so for anyone to keep up. Only Oliver, his mother, and Tommy really get some solid development.

Sadly, however, a lot of the acting is pretty stiff. Stephen Amell might just need some time to settle into the role, but for now the only reason Oliver is compelling is his back story. The wooden dialogue doesn’t help much either.

But when in costume, he becomes a total badass. The action scenes are a lot of fun to watch, I just hope that more aspects of the show become fun as well.

The pilot ends in a way that definitely has me coming back next week. But if the acting doesn’t improve, Arrow could have some serious issues. Grade: B


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  1. John Paul says:

    I loved the premier ! I think its gonig to be one of the best shows out there at the moment, and trust me i watch ALOT of them! .

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