Arrow: “Restoration” Season 4 Episode 3 Review

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Arrow and The Flash have both been given a task to do in the first half of their seasons: set up Legends of Tomorrow. Considering the cast of that new show is made up mostly of big supporting characters from both shows, there’s a lot of work to be done. But will the original superhero shows get bogged down in set-up for yet another addition to the family? “Restoration” points us to a few possible answers.

With Laurel and Thea visiting the League of Assassins with Sara’s corpse in tow, that answer largely relies on whether this part of the episode can be pulled off. As far as solving Thea’s post-Lazarus Pit personality issues, the episode is largely confusing. Malcolm seems to be training her to become a serial killer, but then he says resurrecting Sara would make Thea feel less guilty. That first direction seems too dark to match Arrow‘s lighter tone this season. The second is a cheap way to resolve Thea’s issues while setting up Sara Lance’s role in Legends of Tomorrow. This whole thing isn’t quite done yet. Laurel goes through with resurrecting her sister, but we neither get to see anything of what Sara is going to become nor if Thea is any better. It’s all just a means to an end to put a pulse back in Sara.

Luckily, that’s the B-story in “Restoration.” And with A-stories as good as what we got here, the writers can go ahead and take all the time they need setting up their new show, so long as it’s mostly in the background. With the newer additions of Team Arrow in Nanda Parbat, we get a throwback to the good ol’ days where it was just Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity doing what they can. Throw in a very fun villain, Double Down (JR Bourne), and you’ve got an awesome little superhero romp.

With Oliver and Diggle still mistrusting each other, it’s Felicity who has to step up and pick up the slack or force them to do so. She does both. Truth be told, “Restoration” was one of the best Felicity episodes ever. Her warm nostalgia to the early days combined with some true badassery, whether it be standing up to Oliver and Diggle or taking on Double Down on her own, made this a solid reminder that there is no like Felicity. She forces Oliver and Diggle to work through their issues, which they eventually do, but having her take a machine gun to a metahuman was just awesome.

In the end, they stop Double Down and the original three go out for the margaritas Felicity initially suggested. Oliver and Diggle have mended their friendship and we get to just sit back and watch the heroes who built this show take a load off and enjoy each others’ company. Going on four seasons of crazy supervillains causing all kinds of fear and drama, they deserve it. So do we. Grade: A-

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • The first of many great Felicity moments in this entry came when she hacked a bulldozer, creating a miniature prison for one of the Ghosts they were chasing. I don’t even care how unrealistic it was, she’s just too awesome to worry about it.
  • Arrow has really stepped up its villain game this season. Not only has Damien Darhk been deliciously evil so far, but Double Down got to chew the scenery a bit as well.
  • The choreography for the fight scenes tonight was on point.
  • So what long term effects will the Lazarus Pit have on Malcolm Merlyn? Eventually, he’s going to have to return as Green Arrow public enemy number one. Will this just make him even harder to beat when that inevitably happens?
  • Smart choice by the writers to have Nyssa make the Lazarus Put unusable. I was just thinking before that that the death that happens later in the season literally wouldn’t matter.

By Matt Dougherty

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