Arrow: “Sacrifice” Season 1 Finale Review

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Arrow ended its first season with an epic, shocking and dark finale.

Everything in tonight’s episode, aside from a few island flashbacks, was focused on stopping the Undertaking. Every character was involved, and that made for some of the season’s best moments.

The episode started with Merlyn holding Oliver captive, saying that his problem is he doesn’t know what he is fighting for. Diggle rescues him, allowing for Oliver to rally every ally he can to his cause.

He confront his mother, leading to one of the best scenes of the night, Moira’s press conference. Finally this woman is ready to do the right thing, and it was a major dramatic payoff.

Next up was Detective Lance. The poor guy had just gotten suspended, but Moira’s press conference confirmed everything he said. The Felicity is assigned the task of guiding him through disarming the bomb.

Tommy’s confrontation didn’t go quite as well. He doesn’t believe him, but then confront his father in another incredibly dramatic scene between father and son. Tommy holds a gun to his father after telling him his plans and killing several police officers. He knocks his son out.

The big conflict begins with Oliver and Diggle battling Merlyn before the device is set to go off. Diggle takes a knife to the chest as Oliver chases after Merlyn.

Meanwhile, the Glades is in shambles, and Roy Harper is the only man willing to attempt to restore the justice. But Thea rescues him in a tight spot, giving her a nice moment this finale.

The tension is built flawlessly as Felicity and Lance struggle to disarm the device while Oliver and Merlyn fight in a conflict that feels like it had to happen.

As the device counts down, Lance says goodbye to Laurel. Roy tells Thea to go so he can help some citizens. This is as good as any superhero movie you’ve seen.

Malcolm gets the upper hand in the fight, and Oliver puts an arrow through his chest, and Malcolm’s to put a stop to it. Just as Lance manages to disarm the advice.

But Merlyn has another device. Which then goes off. Oliver and Diggle watch as Roy, Felicity, Laurel, and her father are all amid the destruction. They failed.

In a shocking turn of events, Tommy rescues Laurel as her building begins to collapse. But he doesn’t make it out. Oliver rushes to the area but is too late. He lies to Tommy about killing his father just before he dies. And then it ends. We’re given the Arrow logo until fall. But there’s so many questions! This is going to be a long summer.

It feels brave to kill two of the biggest adversaries to the hero. It could also be a mistake. But for now, this was an exciting finale with shocking twists and turns. It was also the best episode of the season.

The island even fit well with the insanity going on in the present. Oliver, Slade, and Shado defeat Fyers once and for all. Of course, the five year trip to the island hardly seems over. But this week it delivered, exactly when it needs to.

Sacrifice was nothing short of an excellent finale. This is exactly what a superhero series should be like. And it seems Arrow is the one we have been waiting for. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty


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