Arrow: “Sara” Season 3 Episode 2 Review

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The shocking clicker to the premiere developed in some really worth dramatic highs in the second episode of the season.

The episode may be named after the now-deceased Sara Lance, but it’s her sister Laurel who deserves the most recognition. She solidified herself as a member of Team Arrow with her sister’s death. She also had an engaging arc that made me all but forget about those pesky addiction subplots Laurel had to deal with last season.

Bringing her sister’s body back to the Arrow Cave was a shocking way for everyone to find out. A still in-the-dark Detective Lance give the Arrow a lead on another archer in town. Considering Sara was impaled with arrows, this must certainly be the guy right? Right?!

Sadly, he isn’t. This new villain, Komodo, claims to have not been in Starling City that night. Seems a little convenient on the writing end that there’s another archer out there involved in Sara’s murder. It felt like the show was dodging the larger story it wants to tell with Sara’s death, rather than heading into it straight on. This is likely a problem caused by Arrow being a 22-episode network drama instead of a 13-episode cable drama (read: there’s going to be filler). At least Komodo had some great clashes with Arrow and Aresenal from an action perspective.

It also led to Laurel finding out just what she’s capable of doing mentally. She would have killed Komodo had Oliver not taken out the bullets in the gun, meaning she’s already ready to go as far as Sara did. The way she looked at Sara’s Canary jacket at the end was very telling as far as where Laurel is headed.

The way some other characters dealt with their loss was interesting too. Felicity seems to have had just about enough, worried that her life could end in a similar manner. Her role on Team Arrow is now in question as she goes to work under Ray Palmer by episode’s end.

Oliver is also feeling a bit more mortal. Yes, he’s had to deal with Tommy and his mother dying, but never a core member of his team. Considering Canary was every bit as talented a superhero as Arrow, Oliver now sees is that all it takes is someone just as good as them to catch you off-guard. Could this lead to an eventual decision to hang up the hood?

“I don’t want to die down here,” he says to Diggle.

“Then don’t,” Diggle replies.

This is setting up a very interesting season-long arc for Oliver. With the Arrow’s mortality clearer than ever before, just how long will it be before he’s put on the table with a few too many arrows through his torso?

The one character that didn’t get a chance to react was Detective Lance. Laurel was just unable to tell him, hoping to catch Sara’s killer before telling him. This is honestly just a soapy dragging out of this story that has a pretty simple solution. Just tell him.

The flashbacks had some fun this week by including Tommy Merlyn on his hunter for Oliver in Hong Kong. It was great to see them so close to each other in the past. It was also just great to see Colin Donnell as Tommy again, the first of Arrow’s great losses.

All in all, Sara was a worthy sendoff to the show’s first, but likely not last, Black Canary. Many of the core characters had important arcs to go through and it all came across genuine and emotion heavy, as it should be. I do wish the villain more directly tied to the story, but there’s no way Komodo wasn’t trained by the League of Assassins, right? The kicker of seeing Thea learning rather quickly under the tutelage of her father, Malcolm Merlyn, was enough to keep my mouth watering for next week. Great: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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