Arrow: “Sins of the Father” Season 4 Episode 13 Review

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With how season three ended, the League of Assassins weren’t just going to disappear. But, while the show is taking a break from the Darhk storyline, now’s the perfect time to make some moves within the League to set up the rest of the season. “Sins of the Father” does that very well while even throwing in some pretty big surprises.

With Nyssa’s war on Malcolm spilling out onto the streets of Star City, it’s become up to Oliver to intervene and decide who the true successor to Ra’s al Ghul should be. But with the outcome, Arrow succumbs to some illogical character choices. For example, if Nyssa was planning to disband the League all along, why didn’t she just tell Oliver from the start? I think we can all agree this decision is for the best. The League of Assassins was an outdated organization promoting even more outdated values. I’m sure Oliver would have played along.

Either way, the visuals this week as the battle took to the streets was a lot of fun, as was seeing Team Arrow do just about everything they can without actually breaking their alliance with Malcolm. Well, until the climactic duel that is. Though the fight was way to short between Oliver and Malcolm, the outcome was interesting. Without his left hand, will Malcolm pose as much of a threat to his former allies? Given that he goes to Darhk with information about Oliver’s son, I’d bet on it.

Still, the reset of the status quo concerning the League of Assassins was much needed. Nyssa is no longer bound to the League, which means she can show up in storylines without a bunch of baggage behind her. It’s also great to have Malcolm back to playing the villain role. He’s been out of it for so long. So for all the clunky moments of this episode, it accomplished a lot with lots of gravitas. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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