Arrow: “So It Begins” Season 5 Episode 6 Review

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Prometheus’ official entrance into Team Arrow’s lives is upon us, and it makes for one of the better episodes of this so far very shaky season. As the flashbacks hurdle (or flounder) toward the pilot episode, season five has thus far played a lot with Oliver’s overall legacy. That makes Prometheus, as his agenda begins to unravel, a much more interesting villain. With his murders all linked to Oliver’s initial kill list and Felicity’s discovery that his weapons really put the recycling green in Green Arrow, there’s a personal connection here that only their mysterious relationship unique to other Arrow villains.

“So It Begins” features several intense, creepy interactions between hero and villain, some a lot quieter than we’re used to. The only time it truly gets physical is in a nightmarish subway showdown after Oliver and Evelyn have some disagreements and she goes off on her own. Naturally, as Prometheus is about to kill her, Oliver saves her at just the right moment. The climax here starts interestingly enough, but slowly devolves into a more predictable realm. It makes for a pretty lame first encounter between the adversaries, which is a bit disappointing considering how strong the setup for it is.

But the biggest potential shocker comes when Detective Lance wakes from a drunken stupor with Prometheus’ weapons around him and a cut on his arm. All while Oliver and Felicity realize that the villain must be a member of the Star City police department. There’s almost no way Lance is Prometheus, which likely means that Prometheus wants Oliver to think he is. Could the ploy be to tear the team apart? Or is it to ruin Oliver’s mayorship? These questions obviously don’t have answers yet, but the fact that Arrow has us wondering again is a great thing. If the show keeps this up, season five can still make a comeback. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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