Arrow: “Suicide Squad” Season 2 Episode 16 Review

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I need to get something out of the way. Harley Quinn. I’m not going to be able to write about the rest of this awesome episode until I talk about my psychotic, fictional puddin’.

The indistinguishable voice might as well have been Arleen Sorkin. The blonde pig tails. The reference to being a psychiatrist. Harley Freaking Quinn, the Joker’s (or do you prefer Mistah Jay?) lover/sidekick/punching bag had an all too brief cameo on Arrow, and she’s being held prisoner by Amanda Waller.

Harley is one of my favorite comic book characters ever. I hope and pray we see more of her in the future. Especially with how perfect that voice was. Here’s three and a half minutes of Harley.

Sorry, it’s difficult to stop talking about Harley once I get going. Even without her cameo, this was an outstanding episode of Arrow, even if it maybe felt a tad irrelevant to the season’s endgame.

Diggle led the story this week, getting dragged into the Suicide Squad by his ex-wife and Amanda Waller (I do wish they picked a better actress for such an iconic character though). This edition of the Suicide Squad featured Bronze Tiger, Shrapnel, and Deadshot. How could Deadshot sit such a Diggle-centric episode out?

Diggle also was the one with the flashbacks this week, harkening back to his days on tour in Afghanistan. It was a welcome break from the island, which took some crazy turns in the last episode. A drug lord he saved in the war is holding onto a deadly nerve agent, which is why Waller has her team on the case.

Every scene with the Suicide Squad in action was tense and well-paced. It was a nice touch that Waller killed Shrapnel remotely when he tried to escape on his own.

The climax had a lot to love too, with Diggle and Deadshot forced to cooperate with each other and even save each other. Deadshot is one of the few villains carried over from season one who has a noticeable arc. Waller’s intentions and attempts to kill him were dramatic and charged.

Meanwhile, Oliver is struggling to accept help from anyone in light of Slade Wilson’s return. We get a few teases, like Deathstroke watching Arrow only to disappear seconds later. The mask, I’ll admit, was one of the creepier things the show has done with a villain.

Oliver tries to sneak up on Slade, but he’s one step ahead, having killed the man who gave Oliver Slade’s information and projecting videos of Shado on the wall. He knows he needs help, which is where Sara comes in. She’s a great sidekick and a great love interest for Oliver.

So the long awaited Suicide Squad had a lot to love. We got to see the team in action while not totally being separated from the Deathstroke storyline. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of the Suicide Squad in the future. Grade: A- but an A+++ for Harley

By Matt Dougherty

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