Arrow: The Odyssey Season 1 Episode 14 Review

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Arrow gave us a ton of material on the island this week to great effect.

Taking off from last week’s well placed cliffhanger, Oliver goes soft on his mother, allowing her to pump a few bullets in him.

He then goes to Felicity, who learns his identity in the process. It’s important that other characters learn the superhero’s identity after a while, and it worked pretty well here. Although she basically knew anyway. I like that the show acknowledged how ridiculous it would be for anyone in Felicity’s situation to not figure out what’s really going on.

Other than that, most of this episode took place on the island. This really made me wish that we got more long form stories on the island instead of the choppy, forced storytelling we get from two or three scenes scattered and poorly connected to another episode.

Also, Manu Bennett did an awesome job as Slade Wilson. He was a total badass and really exciting to watch throughout the whole mission. Even Stephen Amell improved around him. Maybe he just needs to be around better actors and he’ll keep improving.

Except the scene where Oliver just happened to now the the one quote from The Odyssey. Yeah, that didn’t work at all and required a huge, out of character, leap in logic.

Some parts of this story also really lacked tension because we know Oliver lives to get off the island. It worked much better in the moments where we saw Oliver gaining the skills he would need to become Arrow.

Instead of leaving, Oliver decides to try and help Yao-Fei. Naturally he gets caught, and is forced to face Deathstroke. But Slade saves the day, and we essentially got Deathstroke vs. Deathstroke. And it was awesome. Slade won and the man in the mask, Billy Wintergreen (in the comics it’s William and he’s Deathstroke’s butler), died. One of the few ongoing villains is gone, but where will Slade fall on the line of good and evil? Should be interesting to see.

The Odyssey was a great episode, one of the best yet actually. Despite some writing issues, the stupid Homer reference and awkward tension, we got the best island story yet and the present moved forward as well. Arrow may become what we want it to yet! Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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