Arrow: “The Scientist” Season 2 Episode 8 Review – How Was The Flash’s Debut?

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As the CW advertised it, this was the first half of the “mid-season finale” (because we need those now), and in a lot of ways it really felt like it.

But for all the build-up and the quieter nature of this episode, it was still a very entertaining hour that expanded the world of Arrow to a spot many thought it would never go.

The Scientist started with a robbery unlike any the folks of Starling City have seen (but us comic book fans have!). Super strength? Superpowers, meet ArrowArrow, meet science fiction.

Originally, Arrow seemed like it would be a very Dark Knight-ish superhero series. Season two continues to undo that but most prominently here, as Arrow must fight a man with muscles that can bend arrow heads. Can he really beat him?

Well, apparently, Oliver fought people with powers before, courtesy of Professor Ivo and his experiments.

But Oliver isn’t the only one who’s seen this before. A new guy in town, sent straight from Central City, might be of service. And his name is Barry Allen, or, as comic book fans have known him for half a century, the Flash.

The Scientist did a wonderful job introducing us to a DC superhero that is, frankly, more popular than this series’ star. Barry seemed smart yet immature. Calculating yet clumsy. His chemistry with Felicity was a nice touch too.

Powerless for now, Barry says his mother was murdered by a man who moved in a blur. The same image readers have known this hero for decades.

Anyway, when Arrow does battle with the hulking brute and fails, Felicity calls Barry to save him. Cue cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, guess who wants Moira to tell Thea the truth about her father. Ah, it is so great to have you back Malcolm Merlyn. But Moira gets the upper hand, boasting about how she called Ra’s al Ghul, who wants to kill Merlyn himself.

Indulge me on a theory for a second: could this season be building to a giant League of Assassins confrontation featuring Arrow, Canary, Merlyn, and Ra’s al Ghul? May is far away, but how awesome would that be?

The island had some interesting development this week. Oliver, Shado, and Sara must try to save Slade from dying. They find a submarine and, in it, a miracle serum. But it may kill Slade, which is what looks like happened.

Too quick, I say! Indulge me on a second theory: the person with powers that Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle he beat on the island, could it be Slade, a.k.a. Deathstroke? Could that be the island climax for the season? May is far away, but how awesome would that be?!

The Scientist brought us closer to some sort of climax on the Brother Blood plot. It also introduced us to Barry Allen in a smarter manner than I suspect most Flash fans thought it would. So while this episode was a little slow, it was a strong build-up for next week while adding some solid expansions to this ever-growing universe. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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