Arrow: “The Sin-Eater” Season 5 Episode 14 Review

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Has a more routine episode of Arrow ever been produced? Yes, probably, and I’ve since long forgotten it. Regardless, “The Sin-Eater” was a bore, which came as a surprise considering it focused on the return of a couple of the show’s more fun villains, Cupid and China White. But with too little to do throughout the episode, and Prometheus re-entering the picture, though frustratingly off-screen, this was a very normal, routine episode. That’s unacceptable at this point in a season that has little or no ground to stand on.

Accompanying Cupid and China White is Lady Cop, the villain who ends up taking most of the spotlight in “The Sin Eater.” She’s also, sadly, the least interesting of the three. There was no Cupid toying with Green Arrow in the field, or reunion speech between China White and the Hood. Missed opportunities everywhere. Instead, we lear that Prometheus has somehow turned the law on Oliver’s group of vigilantes from afar after Oliver went and visited his mother, a trip that yielded no results.

So aside from trying to stop the three female foes, Oliver and company must face off against the cops. They’ve done that before, and the problem gets resolved by the end of the episode so things go back to normal.

There’s also an out-of-nowhere arc for Thea, who get Susan fired after she starts to question Oliver on whether he’s the Green Arrow. What this growth is supposed to resemble, as Oliver spells out for us by episode’s end, is that Thea is slowly becoming as ruthless as her mother. Well, this is the first evidence of that ever, so it sort of just seems like the show needed some time to kill.

The only character put to good use here was Quentin, who has to accept that his daughter’s mantle as the Black Canary is about to be re-filled. He handles it maturely, but I also liked how different characters, chiefly Oliver and Dinah, approached him about it.

But other than that, “The Sin-Eater” was a pretty terrible episode of Arrow. With wasted villains and unnecessary character arcs, we’ve hit a point in the season where the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with itself. It’s been weeks since we saw Prometheus, ripping the season of its drive just as it seemed like it might get a much needed jump start. The only solace is that there are only nine episodes left to the season. Grade: D+

By Matt Dougherty

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