Arrow: “Three Ghosts” Season 2 Episode 9 Review

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DC lore is all over this show as we transition into a more comic book-y era.

Last week saw the debut of Barry Allen, the man who will eventually become the Flash. But before that happens, I have to make an apology. DC fans, last week I didn’t recognize the name Cyrus Gold. Then, once the poem was read, I realized that this brute was Solomon Grundy. I am ashamed of my ignorance as a reviewer of this show and a huge comic book fan.

Anywho, Oliver wakes up from his near-death experience with a little help from Barry, who injected him with rat poison. With that nasty concoction circulating in his blood, Oliver begins to see hallucinations. Shado is the first of three ghosts to appear (a clever Christmas tie-in if you ask me). But wait, we haven’t seen her die yet.

Which brings me to my next point: Three Ghosts was one of the best island episodes yet. After Slade’s apparent death last week, it was obvious Shado might be on her way out as well. After all, these characters don’t exist in the present for a reason (I know, keep reading). Her death at the hands of Professor Ivo was brutal and unapologetic.

Moving back to the present, Roy finds himself in a sticky situation, getting captured by Gold and Brother Blood. Oliver is the only one who can save him, but can he stop himself from destroying the lab? Given the ending of this episode, it was a nice teaser to give us Oliver fighting a hallucinated version of Slade, the second ghost.

But eventually he gets his wits about him, but not before Lance is gravely injured by Gold. Arrow’s visit to him in the hospital brought on a very Batman-Gordon dynamic that could end up working quite well.

Finally, Oliver confronts Brother Blood and Gold in an attempt to save Roy. Just when all seems lost, the third ghost appears, Tommy Merlyn. What a great scene to have Tommy pick his best friend up in his time of need, even if it was all in Oliver’s head.

The fight ends with Gold getting hit with some chemical that turns part of his face grey (a little more Grundy-ish for future appearances) and Blood escaping. And who does he report to? Slade Wilson in the flesh. Featuring some grey hair and the iconic eyepatch, Slade looks just about ready to bring out Deathstroke. He has a vendetta against Oliver, for reasons we obviously have yet to see. Could this be the spark that the island storyline needs to really take off?

This season is starting to get a little crowded with villains. Ra’s al Ghul. Brother Blood. Malcolm Merlyn. Slade Wilson. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just now unclear which might be the true mastermind of the season.

The episode ended with the accident responsible for Barry Allen’s super speed powers. Whether it comes out in this series or his own, I’m a fan of this Flash, and hope to see him again soon.

Three Ghosts wrapped up what has been a great year for Arrow. To many more. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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