Arrow: “Time of Death” Season 2 Episode 14 Review

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The whole team was on the field this week to battle the Clock King.

With Sara, a.k.a. the Canary, now an official member of Team Arrow and hooking up with Oliver again, there had to be some adjustments to the dynamic of the team. Felicity doesn’t seem too capable of admitting her jealousy of the situation on more levels than one.

In season one, Oliver did most of the field work, occasionally with Diggle at his side. Felicity has always played more of an Oracle role on the series (that reference was for you DC fans). This is why the Clock King worked as a perfect antagonist for Felicity. He has control of his team instead of the hacker-sidekick role Felicity has. Until the end, we only see him in front of a computer. This foe is more Felicity’s forte than Oliver’s.

As the central protagonist of the episode, it was great to see her and Diggle interact on a more personal level than we have in quite some time. As the non-costumed vigilantes of the team, they tend to keep each other in check in their extreme work environment.

Then we got a rousing climax that put the entire team on location to stop the villain. Oliver and Diggle had distractions of their own, but the meat of this confrontation was Felicity and Sara’s showdown with the Clock King, mostly because Felicity did all the work. She took the bullet for Sara and she used the King’s own technique against him to knock him out. Go Felicity!

The final scenes here were cute as Felicity was on what she thought was aspirin, but was actually oxycotin. Oliver reassured her of her importance and Felicity has a little more confidence.

Meanwhile, most of the Lance family drama came to a head this week. Laurel tries to put a nice dinner together for her family to forgive her sister, but it’s obvious to her when Oliver shows up that her ex and her sister are at it again. She flips out and Oliver finally tells her off. It was great to hear out loud all the criticisms leveled against Laurel this season. Based on the final scene in Verdant, where the sisters finally embrace, the show may find a way to fix Laurel yet.

The island was tied in well this week with the present action. When a plane is shot down by Ivo’s ship, Sara comforts the bleeding out pilot who tells her to make sure his daughter is safe. That daughter just happens to be Sin. Clever tie-in, if you can get around the convenience of everyone being from Starling City. Or maybe Sara moved her there. Either way, a throwaway line explaining this would have been nice.

The “gotcha” cliffhanger of the week was great as well. Just how does Moira keep getting into business with the worst men in Starling City? Oliver and Slade shake hands in the present, setting up an inevitable showdown between Arrow and Deathstroke. Can’t wait.

While Time of Death wasn’t the most superheroic episode of the season, it featured some great character work for Felicity. We also hopefully saw the resolution of the Lance family drama for the time being, as painful as it was leading up to that final hug. The future is bright for Arrow as we go full speed ahead to this season’s climax. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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