Arrow: “Tremors” Season 2 Episode 12 Review

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You know, I was dreading this Roy-centric episode. But Tremors was an incredibly satisfying hour of Arrow.

While I’m still skeptical of how Roy’s powers will work if he and Arrow end up going all Batman and Robin on the series, but Oliver trying to teach him to control his anger was surprisingly engaging. Roy is confused, and this situation with a faceless vigilante training him isn’t helping. It makes sense that Oliver would consider revealing his identity.

Meanwhile, Bronze Tiger escapes from prison to work for a man who wants to steal Malcolm Merlyn’s earthquake machine prototype. The Wolverine-esque villain was much more defined in this outing than when he teamed up with China White earlier this season. He also has some excellent action scenes with Oliver.

Naturally, Roy sneaks around to participate in the final confrontation. In a tensely orchestrated scene, the earthquake machine is activated and Oliver can do nothing to break the metal crate it’s locked in. Hence, he finds a use for Roy. Taking of his hood and mask, Oliver begs Roy to think of Thea. This feeling of serenity calms him and allows him to focus on stopping the device.

It was great to see Roy welcomed to the team at the end too. But speaking of teams, how about Amanda Waller showing up at the end. We’ve seen her once before on this series, but she might as well have made a direct reference to the Suicide Squad when she made Bronze Tiger her offer. Very interesting…

Some other happenings in this episode included Laurel’s continuing drinking problem and a strange development for Moira. Could the woman who almost let the Undertaking happen without warning beat out Sebastian Blood for Starling City? If she wins it’ll certainly be a stretch, but I’ll roll with the plot for now.

The island had some serious momentum this week as well. Oliver and Sara find Slade preparing missiles to blow up Ivo’s boat. Oliver uses the same trick he used on Roy to get him to stop, a neat bit of continuity.

Overall, this was a very well constructed episode. Roy finally became interesting and proved his worth to Arrow in some very great scenes. With the Suicide Squad added to the fold, Arrow fans have a ton to look forward to. Grade: A-

Note: That preview for next week…just wow! Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter (not Talia though)! The return of the Canary! Looks like a great episode before we have a break during the Olympics.

By Matt Dougherty


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