Arrow: Trust But Verify Season 1 Episode 11 Review

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We reach the halfway point of the season with a bore of an episode that only managed to set the stage for the future.

Diggle got most of the spotlight this week as he tried to prove the innocence of someone he served with in Afghanistan, and a man on Oliver’s list. Naturally, this led to a few heated conversations between the hero and his body guard. The dynamic between the pair has been fun to watch thus far and continued to be so this week.

But Oliver’s fight with the potential foes halfway through the episode was one fo the few action scenes this show has delivered that hasn’t felt overly choreographed, and therefore far more real. I’ll even let the slow motion slide.

Sadly, Oliver wasn’t given a chance to grow because he turned out to be right about Diggle’s comrade. How great would it have been if he was wrong and Diggle got to be the wise one. Oliver needs a few more flaws to become the captivating superhero the show needs him to be.

Then Diggle said this gem of a line, “your convincing is going to need to be a lot more convincing”. Yeah, the writing needs to get better too.

The climax had its moments but not the series’ strongest.

We also got more of Oliver on the island than ever before. I’ve always been kind of annoyed by the island scenes but they offered a bit more mystery this week. But of course it ended up just being another circle, putting Oliver right back where he was a few weeks ago.

The family dealings also took center stage this week as Moira confronts Malcolm about her husband’s whereabout while Thea watches, causing her to suspect an affair. Quality time with the Queens has never been my favorite part of Arrow.

However, Thea was given a drug called vertigo at her birthday party, and we know Vertigo is the name of the villain of the season, and the title of next week’s episode. Cool? Yeah, it’s good to see the show become a bit more serialized rather than “villain of the week”. Thea’s accident while on the drug was a bit overkill though.

Meanwhile, Malcolm calls Tommy for lunch and tells him to bring Laurel. Does it all sound as boring as I just laid it out for you? Because it was.

Luckily, said dinner proved to be a bit more interesting as Malcolm expanded his villainy to his family, becoming a developed and powerful antagonist to follow.

The villains are coming through on Arrow as the drug vertigo is introduced and Malcolm Merlyn gets some much needed development. Other than that, Trust But Verify was a total snooze. Grade: C

By Matt Dougherty

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