Arrow: “Unthinkable” Season 2 Finale Review

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While this season finale didn’t quite pack the emotional punch of last season’s (RIP Tommy), it still wrapped up the season in a stirring manner, while hinting at where its characters may go next season.

Just about every character had their role to play in taking down Slade Wilson. In a season that merged storylines between A.R.G.U.S., the League of Assassins, and Deathstroke, it’s hard to believe they all came together for this epic finale.

We left off last week with Amanda Waller ordering a drone strike to wipe out the city. But we quickly learn that the Mirakuru cure worked on Roy, allowing Oliver to weaponize it in his arrows. But they still aren’t going to be enough to take down Slade.

Enter the League of Assassins! Nyssa al Ghul has returned to Starling City to fight Slade’s army. Oliver’s plea for them not to kill wasn’t received too well at first though, as Nyssa delivers a finishing blow to Isabel a bit too early in the episode for my liking. But now Oliver has an army, and boy the battle that ensues is epic.

After one of Slade’s men kidnaps Laurel, we get a very clever scene between Oliver and Felicity that is what a lot of fans want to see, but also exactly what Slade wants to see. Oliver tells Felicity he loves her and leaves her at the Queen Mansion, as bait.

The fight in the tunnel immediately after was the best action sequence Arrow has ever produced. Arrow, Canary, and Nyssa were all impressive, but it was Roy who truly shined, his skills sans-Mirakuru being among the most rewarding, considering his season arc.

Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla infiltrate A.R.G.U.S. to stop Waller’s drone strike. It was a huge moment when Diggle asked Deadshot for help, especially after the outstanding Suicide Squad episode.

But the final battle couldn’t involve anyone besides Oliver and Slade. You had to love how their fight from five years ago was intercut into their fight in the present. It tied the island flashbacks together perfectly, while showing their importance to the climax of the season.

But the best moment came when Felicity shockingly stabbed Slade with the cure, the scene in the Queen Mansion a ruse to trick Slade into allowing Felicity to get close to him. With Slade finally cured, the two fight one on one, on a level playing field for once. Oliver manages to subdue him without killing him, calling off the drone strike right after. I will say that the fight between Oliver and Slade didn’t quite match up to the Western showdown between Oliver and Merlyn a year ago, but it was still an epic final battle.

Speaking of Merlyn, he follows Thea around the entire episode, trying to convince her to come with him. She eventually does. Could Thea be the next great Arrow villain? Under the tutelage of Malcolm Merlyn, it’s definitely possible.

We wrap Season 2 with a number of partings. Thea is off with her father. Sara appears to be returning to the League with Nyssa (but not before handing Laurel her leather jacket…). Slade has been locked up in an A.R.G.U.S. cell on the island, vowing revenge of course. In the flashbacks, Oliver is taken off the island and greeted by Amanda Waller in Hong Kong (finally, we’re off the island!). The most foreboding cliffhanger though was Quentin’s fall to the ground. But since no character ever in the history of TV that has almost died in a season finale actually died, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Unthinkable was a worthy end to Arrow Season 2. It tied together more threads of the season than I thought possible, while leaving us begging for more. Even though there was nothing as shocking as Tommy death or the fact that the Undertaking actually happened, it provided a lot of closure and great action. See you in the fall, Arrow fans. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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