Arrow: Vendetta Review

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Did anyone else feel like the dialogue was especially bad in this entry? At least the action was especially good.

Last week’s Arrow introduced us to the Huntress, a classic DC Comics antihero, femme fatale, whatever you want to call her. Her story played out in a melodramatic manner that didn’t fit the series.

This week faired a bit better as Huntress and Arrow had plenty of time in costume, which is really when this show shines.

With Oliver and Helena now officially dating, they were allowed to have some more fun this week. There was still a bit too much melodrama, but hey, one thing at a time.

Vendetta lived up to its title as Helena was out for revenge rather than justice, as Stephen Amell stiffly told us over and over again.

I have to admit though, seeing two superheroes out working together was cool. A nice touch was that Huntress finished Arrow’s catchphrase “you have failed this city” for him. It made them feel like partners.

But of course that wouldn’t stick with Huntress looking for more than just thugs. No, she is looking to punish her own father for his crimes. It’s heavy stuff that sadly got drowned out with a flood of expository dialogue.

The climax really delivered though as Arrow had to stop her from getting her vengeance. China White showing up again contributed to the continuity of the series. Plus, she might be the best “super” character to show up on the series yet. Besides Arrow of course.

The final showdown between Arrow and Huntress actually carried some weight to it. Seeing her get shot by her own father was the best justification we got yet for her vendetta.

Naturally, she lives, this is a superhero series after all. But despite the horrible acting by Jessica De Gouw, not to mention the putrid writing in these last two episodes, I felt a rush of excitement as she rode into a what will likely be a never ending quest for revenge.

The subplot with Laurel and Tommy was mediocre at best. Tommy’s journey for self acceptance was immature. It felt like he was pouting the whole episode. Luckily Laurel is one of the best characters on this show and saves most of their scenes together.

Vendetta had a lot of really cool moments but too much exposition that watered down the whole experience. I’m cautiously optimistic for the Huntress’ return in the future. Hopefully by then the writing can get fine tuned a bit more. Grade: B-



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