Arrow: Vertigo Season 1 Episode 12 Review

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Arrow takes a week off from all the seriousness and gives us the most fun, comic-booky episode yet.

Last week, Thea was given a drug called Vertigo, that she then drove under the influence of. That event set this episode in motion as the mysterious villain called The Count (Count Vertigo! Get it DC fans?!), begins wreaking havoc on Starling City.

Sort of a cross between Christopher Nolan’s interpretations of the Scarecrow and Joker, The Count bring an over-the-top nature to this show that has been missing thus far. Arrow frequently forgets that it’s about a superhero, and this camera friendly villain put us right back into that comic book feel.

Oliver attempts to track down the fiend to help his sister get off for her DUI. For most of the episode, the hood stays down and Oliver uses his playboy mask to deal with the issue. A nice change of pace to show what lengths he will go to beyond running around in a green costume.

But the Count hits him with a heavy dose of Vertigo. That moment where the pair look each other in the eyes was excellent. Few villains have challenged Oliver in an exciting, non-physical way thus far on the show.

While the drugs may have slowed him down, our hero is still pushing to go after his new foe, a tactic that surprisingly, and perhaps too easily, worked. Sure, he got beat up quite a bit, but in the end the Count was captured by the police and sent off to Arkham…uh, a mental hospital…

Hopefully we’ll be seeing his return sooner than later.

Meanwhile, Thea got off with community service thanks to some help from Laurel who asked her father for help. I loved their scene together where Laurel claimed her sister wasn’t the saint he remembers her as. Solid character development.

Other than that, the family issues were kept down to a minimum this week. I’m a pretty happy camper. I would love this show to let a villain win an episode for once, especially since the Count was one of the few who could get away with it. But the comic book elements this week made for a more fun than usual outing. Keep ’em coming. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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