Arrow: Year’s End Review

A welcome return to form for Arrow sends it off right going into 2013.

Year’s End featured an intriguing mystery as another masked archer begins killing in Starling City. It was nice to see Arrow and Detective Lance working together to take down this other force. It feels like they have been against each other for so long yet now they have the same goal, nicely done.

But after some initially interesting moments, two thirds through the episode we have very little development or progression in the story.

That is until the hostage crisis, which saw some great heroic moments from Arrow, including his swing into the warehouse. Then he got the crap beat out of him by the mysterious second archer in one of the best action scenes of the series. Also this villain seems to know a lot of things. Kudos to the writers for making this story really interesting!

The end reveal that Tommy’s father is the new hooded vigilante isn’t exactly unexpected, but still helps move the show forward.

Meanwhile, in island memory land, we got the return of Deathstroke! Every moment with this character oozes coolness.

This episode also features the Queen family trying to celebrate the holidays. It seemed like a stretch that they didn’t celebrate Christmas the last five years while Oliver was missing, but Oliver insisting on celebrating with his family was some of Stephen Amell’s best work yet on the show.

Still though, the inner workings of the Queen family business aren’t the most exciting, and this plot meandered a lot. Some of these characters are just becoming unlikable.

One random nice touch towards the beginning of the episode was a dinner guest referring to Oliver’s vigilante persona as Green Arrow, and Oliver saying it sounded cheesy.

All in all, this was a solid episode to end the year on. A nice improvement over the last two episodes. I’m excited for where Arrow goes in 2013, and for now that’s enough. Grade: B

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