‘Awake: Game Day’ Review

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This week brought us another lackluster episode of Awake, but the final few minutes proved to be an interesting twist for the series that few likely saw coming.

Awake‘s two case formula is really getting old. Especially since the writers seem to be having trouble making the individual cases interesting. The beginning of the series was able to establish interesting connections between the two cases in each episode, and even when they didn’t connect, it was an important lesson for Britten to learn. Now Awake has become a cop show with a slight twist. The uninteresting cases are pretty much destroying what truly had potential to be a fantastic show.

This week, the two cases were connected by a field goal in a bowl game that was made in one reality and missed in another, subsequently causing one team to win or lose depending on the reality. But neither case really had anything interesting going on. The characters in the cases were pretty dull, aside from some strong acting from the murderer in the blue reality in the end.

But Game Day did benefit from a really great subplot involving the long awaited, at least by me, return of Rex! Despite the fact that Rex being moody in bed was a tad out of character, the way this all played out was pretty brilliant. The reveal that his girlfriend was pregnant was shocking, made even more so by the fact that she had miscarried. The last few moments showcased the premise of the show again brilliantly by making Rex’s girlfriend still pregnant in the reality in which Rex has died. What a great twist.

Too bad the episode before that was really lackluster. Also, when the heck are these guys moving to Oregon? They have literally been talking about it the whole season and now next week it seems like they might stay. Great. With just four episodes left I hope that Awake can find a way to be interesting again. (6.5/10)

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  1. Hayley Jennings says:

    oh. where is she? so deep. deep.

    it was a deep episode. where is shee?

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