‘Awake: Guilty’ Review

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Awake continued its first season with its weakest episode yet. But how much does that mean when everything thus far has been fantastic? Not much. Guilty got off to a rough start, but the second half brought it together for an exciting climax and some more great character development that this show has proven it excels in.

The first half of the episode was laced with cliches as we were introduced to Cooper, a villain who seemed to have no real layers. Cooper quickly escaped from prison during a transfer and went on to kidnap Rex, due to the fact that Britten was the one who put him away over a decade ago. All these events were not written as smartly as the last few episodes but it set up the excellent second half.

Once we found out that Cooper was actually innocent for the crimes he was convicted for, Guilty got really interesting really fast. It was also surprising to see Cooper killed before any real information could be given, which made it even cooler when Britten consulted him in the other reality.

It all lead to a heart-pounding climax that didn’t need to involve any weapons or action, just two men talking and one of them making a dangerous decision. I loved the way that the show built tension not only with the context of the scene, but also by having us question Britten’s sanity. That continues to be the best part of Awake-questioning what these connections between realities really mean for the detective’s clearly fragile state of mind.

One thing Guilty did really well was continue to develop Rex. I expect that the same thing will be done for Hannah at some point, but as of right now, that blue tinted reality is looking superior.

Awake continues to shine as something truly unique on television and benefits from terrific acting on almost all accounts. Three episodes in and I am completely invested. (8.5/10)

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  1. Jaya says:

    Howard Gordon wrote this episode which I enjoyed much more than ‘A little guy’ last week.
    The scene when Rex talked to Tara about wishing his mom was the one survived rather than his dad
    Just broke my heart. Jason Isaacs was excellent throughout. This is quality TV. Congrats to NBC.

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