‘Awake: Kate is Enough’ Review

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Awake continued this week with another examination of just how different Britten’s two realities can be and what exactly they mean.

I am starting to find that the scenes I enjoy the most in Awake are the ones where Britten is talking to his two therapists who continually explain why their reality is real and then just shoot down the next theory Britten gets from the other therapist. There was a lot of that in Kate is Enough. These scenes really get you thinking more than anything else on the show, and that is why this episode was good.

Other than that, we got a pretty lackluster episode. Rex’s old babysitter Kate showed up in both of Britten’s murder cases this week. While the cases had nothing to do with each other, Kate’s drastically different lives in the respective realities was the focus of the episode. It was described as the two ways a person can go after a tragedy, which in Kate’s case was a surfing accident that killed her sister. In one reality she is a successful businesswoman, but in the other she is a drug addict. These two parallels worked well with each other, but admittedly neither of the cases were really that interesting.

Kate is Enough also continued the trend of putting Rex out there more than Hannah. Rex does have more interesting interactions with Britten, but I wonder how lopsided the show may become if the focus remains primarily on him with Hannah barely even showing up for more than a single scene.

This episode of Awake was hardly their best. It continued to detail the inner workings of Britten’s psyche but the actual murder cases he was trying to solve were the least interesting yet. I also worry about the writers seemingly playing favorites with Rex. But it is still early, and this show has a lot of time to find more of its footing and do great things. (8/10)

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