‘Awake: Nightswimming’ Review

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Nightswimming was a terribly boring episode of Awake due to the absence of key characters such as Rex and both therapists.

My main problem with this episode was that it really had nothing to do with the premise of the show. Both realities this week could have coexisted since there was only one case and Britten’s wife present to entertain for the hour. It’s too bad really, as this show looks closer to getting cancelled the more I think it should.

This week’s case involved a man’s wife going missing just as the couple was about to go into the witness protection program. The case was one of the dullest yet on the show and had no real attention grabber or reason to pay attention. The case wasn’t playing with Britten’s psyche. It has no connection to Rex or Hannah or any other side character. It was just a case, and an uninteresting one at that.

The rest of the episode revolved around Britten yet again trying to force himself to move on to Oregon. At this rate, they won’t be moving by the end of the season. Also, Hannah has not been nearly as well developed as Rex, making her side of the story always slightly less interesting.

Nightswimming is definitely the worst episode of Awake yet, but it still is grounded by its wonderful star Jason Isaacs, so therefore this episode doesn’t get quite as bad of a score that I may have made it sound. (5/10)

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  1. Linda Jones says:

    I so agree – my God this was a horribly boring, slow, non productive show. 😛 I’ve been a fan but was terribly disapointed by this one. *biiiig yawwwwn*

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