‘Awake: Oregon’ Review

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This week, Awake mostly abandoned its premise to show an unoriginal story recycled from plenty of CSI style shows. But Awake is still smart enough to keep us guessing, even if this episode drifts off into a daydream for most of it.

In the grande scheme of things, Oregon did very little to move the plot of this show forward. The seeds for Hannah’s desire to move elsewhere have been planted before. We found out tonight that she wants to head to Portland, Oregon and start life anew. The worry for Britten is that once he moves, will the true nature of his dreams come into fruition? This was the best part of the episode as it was the only thing that separated Awake from a lot of other crime shows.

The biggest chunk of the episode was devoted to Britten solving the crime in one world. While I appreciate the change from the normal dynamic this show has established, this particular case was pretty boring. The villain was uninteresting and the manner in which the case was solved was pretty boring. Having Britten become a suspect was a bit too cliche for my liking, but it worked to move the plot forward. I will say, however, that Oregon did a great job of developing Detective Bird. The relationship between him and Britten has been pretty easy to ignore thus far, but this week expanded that with leaps and bounds.

Overall though, Oregon was easily the least interesting episode of Awake so far. One thing I noticed this week is that Hannah is significantly less interesting than Rex. She just has so few layers, whereas Rex has a lot of dimensions to explore. The near complete absence of his charisma this week probably hurt this episode a bit, but this show is still worth watching. (7/10)

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