‘Awake: Ricky’s Tacos’ Review

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The world of Awake was rather busy this week, as Michael Britten dealt with two tough cases and the idea of moving to Oregon in this exciting and important episode.

What is going to happen when Britten moves to Oregon? Probably nothing too major since we are just over half way through the season, but hey it’s exciting nonetheless. It will be really interesting to see what changes in his reality once he is there. I liked all of the build up to this. It was good to see a return to the conversation Tricia had with the mysterious man who clearly had something to do with the accident. I hope to see more of this plot as the season continues.

However, what made Ricky’s Tacos really great was the case in the blue filter reality. It was the most interesting and exciting case thus far that the show has given us. The revelations kept coming at a startling pace. It was a fun, although disturbing, plot to follow.

Too bad the yellow filter case lacked all sense of wonder. However, the guy who melted the concrete gave this show some much needed comic relief. But overall this case was pretty boring after the reveal of the man in the concrete. It wasn’t necessarily obvious who the killer was but it was not quite as shocking or emotional as the other case in this episode.

Ricky’s Tacos was still a great episode though. Awake continues to be an extremely well put together and intelligent television show. Sadly, due to the low ratings, a second season is looking less and less likely. (8.5/10)

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  1. Trey says:

    “I melted a man out of Concrete!” is now my favorite out of context line.

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