‘Awake: Say Hello To My Little Friend’ Review

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This episode was much more of what I have been looking for on Awake. Say Hello To My Little Friend was one of the best episodes in a while and set in motion the rest of the season.

First off, compliments to Jason Isaacs who displayed tremendous work on tonight’s episode. Clearly he is giving this role his all and it really shows. This week started with Britten at the carnival with Rex and Emma. After passing out while getting ready to bunjie jump, he woke up in the red reality. But the true twist came when he did not wake back up in the green reality.

This may seem more normal than everything else going on the show but there was enough weirdness to still make it Awake. While stuck in the red reality, Britten starts hallucinating another man who has a link to his accident. Most of the funny quips by the actor fell flat but there were still enough creepy moments to keep us involved.

One thing that was great about this episode is that it introduced an idea and ran with it all the way to the end. We now know what happened in the accident. We now know who exactly was trying to kill Britten and his family. These revelations were exciting but also interlaced with some very sad moments where Britten begins to blame himself for the accident. Luckily, in the end of the episode he woke back up in the green reality.

This is exactly what I have been waiting for from this series. Say Hello To My Little Friend was a pulse pounding hour of television that raised as many questions as it answered. With just two episodes left, let’s hope to see Awake finish strong like this episode makes me think it will. (8.5/10)

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  1. bitchstolemyremote says:

    Totally agree. By doing away with the case of the week, this episode was so much stronger. They didn’t have to focus on the procedural stuff: they could just focus on his confusion, his emotional instability and his investigation. I wish that more episodes had been in this vein rather than what the last few episodes have been like!

    Our take: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-Ux

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