‘Awake’ Season 1 Review: An Exciting Psychological Thriller Grounded By a Great Lead

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NBC’s cancelled show had a lot of potential and mostly delivered throughout its one exciting season.

Awake was easily one of the most interesting pilots of the season. Jason Isaacs created a fascinating character in Michael Britten. The two case formula was a unique take on the typical cop drama. The questions about Britten’s psychological state kept coming. There was a lot to love about Awake when it first started, but slowly that would fall apart, only to rebuild itself again just as the series was ending.

While the first two episodes were really strong, the show lose some of its intrigue for a few episodes but remained exciting, although formulaic. But then we got one of the series’ best episodes with That’s Not My Penguin. This show was always best when it was playing with Britten’s mind, as well as the audience’s.

But after that, the show lost a lot of its appeal as we got three or four episodes in a row that just didn’t quite cut it. Nightswimming stands out as the worst episode as nothing really happened even regarding character development.

Luckily, the show would go out on top and end with three excellent episodes that tied up all the loose ends of Britten’s accident. Now, we do have to talk about the last few minutes of the finale. No matter which way you interpret it that is not a satisfying ending to this series. Was it all a dream? If so everything that came before it was pointless. Is it a new reality created to supplement for his choice? If so Britten will just know which reality is real taking all the mystery out of it. Perhaps these threads could have continued next season in an exciting way, but since this is the end it is not a satisfying one.

Still though, Awake had a good first season that benefited from great performances and some truly exciting episodes. It is sad to see the show go but there are worse crimes from NBC in recent memory (Dan Harmon forever!). (8/10)

One Response to ‘Awake’ Season 1 Review: An Exciting Psychological Thriller Grounded By a Great Lead

  1. John117 says:

    It was not all a dream. Get a clue. How many interviews does Killen have to do to make it clear?


    Did you just completely zone out during the final conversation with the psychiatrist?

    Britten does not know whether green or red reality is real. In both of them he was able to leave the reality. First he left the red reality to examine what happened in the green reality. Then he left the green reality to create a 3rd reality. So it doesn’t answer the ultimate question of which reality was real and given that the show was supposed to be open for a second season it would be ridiculous to expect it to have such a conclusion in the first season.

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