‘Awake: Slack Water’ Review

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The end is upon us for Awake. Slack Water seems to be setting in motion a lot of things for the last three episodes while finishing up a plot that has been of interest for most of the season.

One thing that was great about this week was the case being solved. It was actually really interesting and kept having great twists and turns to keep me invested for the entire hour. The humor between Britten and Freeman was nice and helped to give this rather bleak show some nice comic relief.

But what everyone will likely be talking about is what happened in the yellow reality this week. I find myself having mixed feelings about everything but surprised by how much more likable Hannah became. Seeing her in the car after talking to Emma in the book store was the most real she has ever been. She doesn’t quite have the onscreen charisma of Rex but now she is far more sympathetic.

After last week’s twist, Rex’s girlfriend being pregnant in the yellow reality, the Britten’s move to Oregon became a possible no-show. Now that we know they aren’t moving the whole plot surrounding that feels like a waste. However, it did bring into light Harper’s problems concerning Britten’s accident. Apparently the mysterious man involved is some sort of drug dealer, and he is looking to get Britten out of the picture. This will be interesting to see tied up, hopefully, in the rest of the season.

With just three episodes left, Awake can hopefully finish the season strong after hitting a bit of lull in the middle. Slack Water was one of the better episodes in a while but it still has not reached the quality of the fantastic pilot. (7/10)

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