‘Awake: The Little Guy’ Review

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The second episode of Awake was another compelling hour of television that helped develop its characters even further while raising a few questions of exactly what is going on in Michael Britten’s head.

Just as in the pilot, The Little Guy had Britten investigating two murders that left clues in the other reality for him to piece together. Last week, this led to Britten solving both cases, which made the end of this week’s episode incredibly smart. Having Britten only solve one of the cases set boundaries for the show that not every case is as cut-and-dry as using the clues in the other reality to solve it. Britten needed to learn this, and I also loved the touch of him letting Vega take the lead on the next interrogation. It both developed Vega and their partnership.

But the heart of The Little Guy came from the further development of Hannah and Rex, Britten’s wife and son. I grew to understand Hannah much more in this episode as she dealt with her grief. The same goes for Rex who rebels like any other teenager. The genius behind this, however, is that both realities developed both characters, even while one of them was dead. The conversation Hannah had with Rex’s friend about the motorcycle made me like both Hannah and Rex more. Same goes for the subtle moment when Rex asks his father why the laundry smells different, showing the lengths his mother went through just for the little things. This was an incredibly unconventional way of doing character development, one that is unique to this show and works extremely well.

Now let’s talk about that ending. Just what were Britten’s captain and that man talking about at the end? Their conversation suggests that they might know about the existence of both realities. If so, what was their purpose for doing this? What does the height of the man who caused the accident have to do with anything? Whether these questions get answered sooner or later, I am completely hooked on Awake. (9.5/10)

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