‘Awake: Turtles All the Way Down’ (Series Finale) Review

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Awake ended this week with an exciting finale that could be interpreted a number of ways.

As a reviewer this is a tough episode to try and dissect. Was that ending in place with cancellation in mind? Or would it have been further explored in a second season that definitely won’t come to pass? Depending on which I choose, the ending was either terrible or intriguing. That being said, I cannot pretend that this show will continue in the future and I have to take it as a series finale.

The episode started on an exciting note with Harper killing the man responsible for the crash in the green reality. After that though the episode became a guessing game of who died in which reality from last week (honestly a “Previously On…” would have been nice here).

But what made Turtles All the Way Down a really exciting episode was how much it asked us to question our protagonist. Isaacs has been great from the beginning and tonight proved that his performance would never run out of steam. It was great that the heroine was not there. It was great seeing him figure out that Harper did it while in prison. It was great seeing him talk to himself. It was great seeing both psychiatrists in the same scene. But most of all, it was great seeing Britten make a choice on which reality he would live in.

Now, back to that ending. Come on guys the “it was all a dream” cop-out? Really?! Now, if this was intended to go into next season this would be fascinating. But since it could also be interpreted as a true ending to the series, that is how it should be seen. Sadly, that is a bad ending to this show that makes everything that came before it feel pointless. What a shame.

Still though, this was an exciting episode, and as crappy as the ending was, I have to give it a pretty high score. Stay tuned tomorrow for my full season review. (8/10)

11 Responses to ‘Awake: Turtles All the Way Down’ (Series Finale) Review

  1. AwakeFan says:

    It wasn’t saying that the entire series was a dream. The green world was the real world, and he didn’t want to accept it, so he made up another reality to keep both of them alive. Remember in the pilot, when the psychiatrist in the green world printed up documents of the Constitution? Then the psychiatrist in the red world didn’t do anything back? Green world was real, but, like Britten said in the pilot, he never wanted to make progress. Once he did start making progress, he realized that he couldn’t get back to his wife. So he dreamed of a world with both of them.

  2. Opus says:

    Instead of a dream, why not think that this is a THIRD reality?

  3. John117 says:

    You misunderstood the ending. It was not “all a dream ‘copout'”

    It was the exact opposite. Instead of accepting either reality as being true he chose to escape further and create a 3rd dream world where both survived. You have to pay attention to the conversation he has with the shrink at the end about time travel and not accepting reality. The writers have made it explicitly clear on Twitter that the show absolutely was not all a dream. They insist either his son or wife is alive, but Britten refuses to accept either reality.

    • Bernadette says:

      What I read is that the writers say was that it was not sci-fi, but a psychological drama. So I’d like to ask where you read that they explicitly stated one of the worlds is real?

    • Bernadette says:

      What I read is that the writers say it was not sci-fi, but a psychological drama. So I’d like to ask where you read that they explicitly stated one of the worlds is real?

  4. SteveR says:

    Awake episode 113 –Awake finale was awful! What a crappy ending to the series! Total cop-out to say that both red and green were all just an elaborate bad dream. Then Michael gets to go to third “reality” where both wife and son are alive. Extreme let down for the audience.

    It would have been a lot more powerful to say that all three “realities” were fantasies and that in the “real” world both wife and son are dead (either through accident or homicide)and that Michael is all alone and cannot deal with his grief so he creates these detailed dreams.

    If this happy ending/ happy family is what Killen and the writers intended all along, then I’m not surprised that the series was cancelled. Only good thing about Awake was Jason Isaacs amazing acting.

  5. Oscar says:

    And what if Michael had been in a coma all this time and he finally dies and his “heaven” is a world where both Hannah and Rex are alive.

    Remember at the dinner when Hannah tells him she’ll “get” Harper or something like that?

    Interesting series. A little like Life on Mars (not the US version) but definitely fun to watch.

    Thanks, Jason and Kyle.

  6. K. Taylor says:

    I think that the idea Michael was in a coma and dies and hie idea of ‘heaven’ is a world where Hannah and Rex are alive makes the most sense to me. I think the two therapist on the show were awesome. It is a shame that a show that makes you think so much and has so many variables is cancelled and two and a half men is renewed.

  7. Polar Bear says:

    Here’s what I think:

    Britten fell asleep in his cell in the red world (reality) and he starts to dream. In his dream, he goes and talks to “himself”. He goes down the hallway and goes into the green world by opening the door. when he Solves the case, he’s happy he caught harper, but feels unsatisfied because he knows he’s just dreaming. So he stops the green world, rejects it, and makes a new world where his son and wife are both alive and nothing bad ever happened. Meanwhile, he’s really still back in reality (red) asleep and dreaming.

  8. Mike says:

    Maybe – just maybe – it was a badly thought out, high-concept TV show that neither holds up to or deserves this level of analysis.

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