‘Awake: Two Birds’ Review

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As the series is coming to an end, the tragic nature of Awake‘s cancellation could be coming into fruition as we get another great episode leading up the next week’s finale.

Long gone are the episodes that focus on boring cases and moving to Oregon. Two Birds was an exciting episode that hit all the right notes to whet our appetites for the end of the show. Each reality had a significant death and the ending was certainly interesting. While I certainly hope that Britten won’t be spending all of next week’s episode in prison, it was a fun way to end this week’s entry.

Watching as the pieces to the puzzle of Britten’s accident quickly fell into place was excellent. Two Birds was one of the fastest paced episodes of Awake and it worked wonderfully. Plus, watching Britten kill Hawkins was crazy. Jason Isaacs has done a wonderful job on the series since the beginning and that continues to show in every episode.

However, the best character this week was Bird as he came to Britten’s side in both realities. But even more interesting was that he died in one of them. It took me a second to remember which reality this was in, making the grief settle in for just the right amount of time.

Two Birds was another sign of Awake being able to turn the season back around and provide an exciting ending. Next week sadly is the series finale, hopefully it will end the show on as great of a note that it started. (9/10)

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