AWESOME New ‘Avengers’ Trailer!

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At the beginning of the month we got a Super Bowl teaser that showed us just a little more of what to expect come May 4th. Now, on Leap Day, Marvel graced us with another full length trailer, and it is nothing short of awesome.

The trailer focused on bringing the team together, just as much of the marketing to this point has. Simply watching their personalities clash is enough to make any fan drool, but once the action starts this is a trailer for the ages.

We see a glimpse of a fight between Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Could this be training? Or an inner team quarrel? Regardless, that’s going to be really cool.

Also, there is a lot of footage from what I assume is the final battle. The best moment in the trailer is seeing Iron Man fight all of the space ships and then fall just for the Hulk to catch him. What a great way to show how the Avengers will work as a team while still being completely awesome.

This trailer should just about double everyone’s excitement for this mega-blockbuster. The Avengers hits theaters May 4th.

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