Bane: An Introduction

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Batman fans know who Bane is, but to the masses, the announcement of him as the main villain of Nolan’s final Bat-film was kind of odd. Bane is known in the comics for snapping Bruce’s spine in half. However, he has showed up in a number of other forms of media for you to take a look at before you see The Dark Knight Rises later this week.



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Bane only appeared in two episodes of the beloved series from the ’90s. His first appearance in the episode Bane was a bit too over the top for my liking, but his much darker return in Over the Edge was fantastic. Batman and Bane’s battle on the rooftop there was nothing short of brilliant. While he didn’t make as much of an impression as say Joker or Mr. Freeze in this series, he appeared so soon after he was actually created in the comics because like Nolan, the creators saw something terrifying in him.


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For a comic book villain to appear in a movie just four years after he wreaked havoc on our hero in the comics is impressive. Too bad he was in the misguided hands of Joel Schumacher. Mostly speaking in grunts and just a pawn for Poison Ivy, Bane was a complete waste of space in this awful film. There is really nothing to his character aside from a pretty creepy mask that does emulate the comics pretty well. Based on previews alone, Tom Hardy will finally wash that terrible taste out of every Bat-fans mouth.


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Bane appears in one episode of Superman’s series from the creator of Batman’s. In Knight Time, Bruce Wayne has gone missing so Superman comes to Gotham and take up the mantle of the Dark Knight fighting villains such as Bane, Riddler, and Mad Hatter along side Tim Drakes’s Robin. Bane gets clobbered by Superman’s super strength, which is frankly just nice to see.



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Not many of Batman’s old villains showed up in the futuristic sequel to Batman: The Animated Series, but one of the few who did was Bane. In the epiosde The Winning Edge, when Bruce suspects that Bane is behind a new drug on the streets of Gotham, Terry McGinnis sets out to confront his mentor’s old foe. What he finds is a weak, broken down man who uses machines to breathe. Somehow we feel bad for Bane, which is the genius of the writing on that show.



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Bane is a huge part of the plot to Rocksteady’s first beloved Batman game. While his boss fight is a bit weak, the look of the character is awesome. In Batman: Arkham City, Bane returns and actually teams up with you briefly. There is just something so cool about fighting thugs along side the hulking villain. But then he betrays you. Typical.



What is your favorite take on Bane outside of the comics? Do you think Tom Hardy will crush it later this week? Sound off below!


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