Better Call Saul: “Bingo” Season 1 Episode 7 Review

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“What’re you doing?” Mike asks as Jimmy throws in his $30,000 to the rest of the Kettleman’s money. “The right thing,” Jimmy replies with air quotes.

The air quotes are important, as they show that Jimmy isn’t going with his heart. If Better Call Saul has showed us anything thus far, it’s that at one point in time, Jimmy wanted to be a good, honest lawyer. He lacks the discipline to do so, but the desire is their.

“Bingo” made a lot of sense out of the Jimmy/Kim dynamic. Kim is the great lawyer Jimmy aspires to be, which is why he’s so infatuated by her. The deal she presents to the Kettleman’s is a damn good one, 16 months as opposed to 30 years. But with Mrs. Kettleman on Cloud Cuckoo Land, she “fires” Kim and takes her family’s business back to Jimmy.

The show sets us up for Jimmy to come in and find some magical loophole that allows him to keep his share of the money and let the Kettleman’s go free. But nothing comes of it. The show knows it can’t make Jimmy a better lawyer than Kim, at least legally. Instead, he hires Mike the Fixer to trick the Kettleman’s into touching their money so he can sneak in with a black light and take it all to be turned in to the police. Mike’s sneaking around in the silent dark was just plain fun. Classic Breaking Bad and soon to be classic Better Call Saul.

The Kettleman’s go back to Kim and Jimmy loses everything that has built him up these past few episodes. He’s back at square one, which is perfectly invoked by his meltdown immediately followed by “Law offices of James McGill.”

“Bingo” made for an episode full of great plot points. The Kettleman situation is officially out of the way as we head into the end of the season with the show’s cast reaching their highest potential yet. Grade: A-


Some Other Notes:

– The show is building to Mike’s trial with what his daughter-in-law is going to say, which is very exciting.

– As Jimmy McGill inches closer to Saul Goodman, he’ll be turning his back on Kim Wexler. That’s going to be heartbreaking to watch.

– Chuck’s scene this week was outstanding. But the show is almost certainly setting him up to fail, which will also be heartbreaking to watch.

– Haven’t seen Nacho in a few weeks, which has been nice. His presence definitely made the show feel a little too much like its predecessor.


By Matt Dougherty

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